showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word and informing Christians about the possible loss of their religious liberties from current and proposed developments within the UK and European Union.

Mark 13:37

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Christian Watch

Annual Public Meeting

to be held, God willing, at

Holywell Evangelical Church

Halkyn Street

Holywell CH8 7TX

on the evening of Thursday

4th OCTOBER 2018




Panting for Christ, the Friend of Sinners.

1. Precious Jesus! Friend of sinners;
We, as such, to thee draw near;
Let thy Spirit now dwell in us,
And with love our souls inspire;
Fill, O fill us
With that love which casts out fear.


2. Matchless Saviour! let us view thee
As the Lord our Righteousness;
Cause each soul to cleave unto thee,
Come, and with thy presence bless.
Dear Immanuel,
Feast us with thy sovereign grace.


3. Open now thy precious treasure:
Let the blessings freely flow;
Give to each a gracious measure
Of thy glory here below;
Loving Bridegroom,
’Tis thyself we want to know.


4. Come, and claim us as thy portion,
And let us lay claim to thee;
Leave us not to empty notion,
But from bondage set us free;
King of glory!
We would live and reign with thee.



So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.