South of England Agricultural Show Exhibition 2019

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Christian Watch will, God willing, be exhibiting at

South of England Agricultural Show Exhibition 2019 at Ardingly, West Sussex RH17 6TL

Thursday 6th June
Friday 7th June
Saturday 8th June


Bucks County Show

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Christian Watch will, God willing, be exhibiting at

Bucks County Show, Weedon Park Aylesbury

Thursday 29th August 2019
8.00am – 6.00pm


The Bucks County Show
is one of the best one day agricultural shows in the country and one of Buckinghamshire’s main summer attractions.

CRE Exhibition 2019 at the Sandown Park

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Christian Watch will, God willing, be exhibiting at

CRE Exhibition 2019 at the Sandown Park, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ

Opening times
Tuesday 15 October
Wednesday 16 October
Thursday 17 October

CRE Website

How to get there
Sandown Park is located in a picturesque parkland setting in the town of Esher, Surrey. It is within the M25 and only 25 minutes by train from London Waterloo or 15 miles from South West London.

C.R.E. Exhibition at Sandown in Esher

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After two years at ExCel in Docklands, East London, the Christian Resources Exhibition returned to Sandown in Esher in October, 2017. We were privileged to have the opportunity to proclaim the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in literature, Bible distribution, childrens’ colouring books and Calendars for 2018 as well as displaying and distributing 10 Commandment posters and many other items of interest, relevant to the days in which we live. There was undoubtedly a greater hunger and thirst for the Word of God than we have experienced previously, and we give God all the glory.

The Christian Watch stall was also significantly busier than in previous years, enjoying continuous enquiries throughout the three days and we enjoyed many spiritual conversations. It was felt that we were an influence for good to those who engaged with us as many Christians today have real concerns as to the direction the Churches are going in and it was good to have the opportunity to encourage each other.

Our stall joined forces with the Sussex Martyrs Commemoration Council (a Council that looks after Martyrs’ Memorials throughout Sussex) and who have produced a roll of honour of those who suffered martyrdom for their faith and the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3 banners were on display at the rear of the stall depicting John Hus, Martin Luther and William Tyndale and we give God thanks for the glorious Protestant Reformation and the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the Church door at Wittenberg on 31st October, 1517, which changed the course of world history.

The Lord was with us — watching over us — and we count it a privilege to stand for Him in the public arena.

“Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross.”

By Marcus Brockes (CW Committee Member)


Report on the Outreach at Ardingly Agricultural Show

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held at the South of England Showground
on 8th – 10th June, 2017

In writing these reports about our presence at the Exhibitions, it is always essential to remember that our main aim is one of witness to our God and Saviour and to present the Gospel to as many as possible. Living, as we do, in a time when Biblical truth is largely trodden underfoot and the true Gospel distorted, not to say even despised, then the need for faithfully contending for the faith is even more necessary in our day. Therefore, the more of the population we can reach with the Word, based on personal testimony, is to be sought for. Well, we certainly seemed to achieve in a large measure this aim at Ardingly this year. Our stand was, happily due to a last minute (providential) re-arrangement, situated on a busy thoroughfare, almost opposite the entrance to a fairground where many with their children were headed. Consequently, we were able to offer a goodly amount of Christian literature to the passer-by; children’s books quickly ran out.
While some rejected the offer, quite a number responded politely and, even others, enthusiastically. Long conversations were had with a variety of people, some quite bizarre; such as a traditionally dressed Sikh woman who was amazed by some of the things she was told were in the Scriptures. She was quite astounded that God had, as is recorded in Genesis, sent a mist to water the earth. After a lengthy discussion, having arrived seemly full of her own false knowledge with which to put us right, she left quite challenged and thoughtful. Prayers, I hope, will be made for this very confused and mystically inclined lady.
Another useful conversation was held with the man from the next Stand who stated he was not very religious. However, after some time of explaining that religion does not save, but Christ alone with faith in Him, he went away to his Stand thoughtful and, I believe, challenged.
Many contacts, such as those above, were made by Marcus Brockes, David Ansell and myself during this Exhibition. Due to the addition of David with us this year, Marcus and I, who are both feeling the effects of age, could have some time off. The spirit is willing, but the legs become weak.
All in all, we came away tired as usual, but happy in the knowledge that we, poor unprofitable servants, had been given again the opportunity to witness for Jesus, our Lord and King. How soon do we waver and fail Him!

Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord (Isa. 43: 10).

Michael Hobbis



Report on the CW Outreach at
Devon County Agricultural

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Westpoint, Exeter on the 18 – 20 May, 2017

The attendance of Marcus Brockes and myself at the Devon Show this year was something of a first for Christian Watch. In previous years, we have exhibited and witnessed at CRE Exeter, Cornwall, Sandown, Birmingham, Manchester and London; while many years ago Northern Ireland was a chosen venue.

It was therefore a happy surprise to see so many visitors attend, especially so when considering the weather – heavy showers with intermittent sunshine. It is said that over 95,000 attended over the three days.

Our stand was located in a busy thoroughfare. The Protestant Alliance were also represented at the show and we were able to assist them by distributing some copies of the Reformer magazine.

Almost opposite to us was the Jehovah Witness area. Their presence was not really a distraction, but initiated some useful conversations and comparisons. One particular man came to our stand who had been in the JW cult for some 30 years. He had seen the errors in such a Movement, yet could not break free in his mind from their destructive teaching. He explained that he was, spiritually speaking, in a thick fog when he tried to pray. We did spend some time with him and it seemed he left genuinely thankful for the help we were able to give.

We had many opportunities to present the Gospel, but some stand out in the memory more than others. A lady visited the stand in the company of her son and daughter; both were soon to sit an examination in Theology and their mother wanted to talk about the Christian religion generally. She was very sympathetic to what we had to say, as were her children.

It was explained that, although head knowledge was useful, it was infinitely preferable to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally. They agreed with this and when we assured them of our prayers – that not only would they be successful academically – but also come to saving faith in Christ, the girl began to well-up with tears, as did her mother…. and, I would add, we did too!

Very little real opposition was encountered, and we left tired but hopeful that our labour had not been in vain in the Lord. To Him alone, who does glorious things, we offer thankful praise.

Michael Hobbis

Report on the CW Outreach at
Devon County Agricultural


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An excellent booklet – which is a MUST for all Bible-believing Christians – has been written by Pastor Peter Simpson of Penn Free Methodist Church. It gives the Biblical case on why Britain should leave the European Union and return to its historic Christian foundations.

There are 6 Scripture-based reasons detailed in the booklet:

    1. Britain must leave the EU because membership is a secular nation’s substitute
      for trusting in God.
    2. Britain must leave the EU because membership makes impossible proper
      border controls, which are a Biblical responsibility.
    3. Britain must leave the EU because membership means taking on the financial
      obligations of others, contrary to Biblical principles.
    4. Britain must leave the EU because membership is incompatible with its Christian
      and Bible-based constitution.
    5. Britain must leave the EU because membership provides no guarantee of peace
      between nations.
    6. Britain must leave the EU because membership is incompatible with the God-
      ordained institution of nationhood.

The booklet can be obtained from:

The Biblical Case For Brexit

6 Scripture-based reasons why Britain
should leave the EU

By: Pastor Peter Simpson
Penn Free Methodist Church

3 copies – £3.20
20 copies – £15.00
(including P&P)

Order and pay online (using Paypal) at

Or send cheque to:
Mrs. J. Langston,
19 St. John’s Road,
Penn, Bucks, HP10 8HW

(Cheques payable to Penn Free Methodist Church)
Proceeds after cost to church funds (Charity No. 1138169)


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A Public Meeting of Christian Watch took place as planned on Friday, 30th October, 2015 in the coastal resort of Brighton. This was our first visit to Brighton and it was encouraging to see so many young people in attendance.

The subject of the meeting was “The Spiritual State of the Nation – is there a Remedy?” and the Vice-Chairman, Ian Henderson, in leading the meeting outlined the reasons why Christian Watch was originally formed some 15 years ago – formed for the sole purpose of informing Bible-believing Protestants of the danger of remaining silent whilst the devil – in a variety of guises – made inroads into our Protestant country and Constitution.

Referring to the continuing desecration of the Lord’s Day; ecumenism – with all its links with a range of false religions; the growth and general acceptance of gay rights with its ensuing depravity and the introduction of women Bishops into the Established Churches and the current threat to introduce Constitutional changes, Mr. Henderson gave three possible options:-

    1. Total capitulation and surrender – Things have changed, let’s move on with the times – but that’s the easy option. It will make us popular with some – and maybe others will raise an eyebrow in disbelief and confusion – but for the real Bible-believing Christian it is not an option to be considered. The Word of God tells us in Romans 12 verses 1–2:- “that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be NOT conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” That’s where we stand in Christian Watch – on the Bible’s clear message.
    2. Bury our heads in the sand – and follow the see no evil, hear no evil, touch no evil – approach. But, by being so Heavenly-minded, we can become of no earthly use and we have a responsibility to remind our fellow men of the goodness of God and the mercy to be found in Christ. To bury our heads is to be guilty of neglecting our duty to warn others of the consequences of engaging in sin and refusing to turn away from ways that lead to disaster and ruin.
    3. But the 3rd option is to be an example to the decaying world all around us. That means neither joining the majority popular opinion nor running away from reality. We must ever remember – ‘there go I but for the grace of God.’ People are blind – lost – and dead in sin – and so they need to hear the right message. We must remain convinced of the truth and teaching of God’s Word and the complete holiness of our triune God and the total depravity of man’s sinful nature.• It is the Gospel of Christ that will cleanse man’s life-style behaviour.
      • It is the Gospel of Christ that will convince men of the truthfulness of God’s Word.
      • It is the Gospel of Christ that will show what is the God-ordained way of marriage
      – no matter what worldly Governments may enshrine in law.

And Christian Watch endeavours to take this stand all over the country – through the work of individual members in their own localities.

The guest speaker for the evening was Pastor James Zenker, Principal of Crown College UK – who came to England nearly 10 years ago to set up a branch of Crown College in the West Midlands. Students come over from America on a regular basis to spend a term in England studying English Church history and other subjects and now the College is also engaged in Church-planting – opening up Churches that have previously closed their doors to the preaching of the Word.

Taking as his text Ezra 9 v 8-9, Pastor Zenker described the spiritual state of our nation today, outlining:-

      1. The symptoms all around us.
        Antipathy – apathy – apathetic – who cares what God thinks? Great Britain used to be a Christian nation but now it is lower than 5% of people who attend Church. Statistics indicate also that 50% of 11 year olds do not have parents that are married. 73% of British people believe that religion should have nothing to do with politics.
      2. The correct diagnosis – a heart problem – but the disease is sin.
        He emphasised the need to know, honour and obey God and warned against trying to make this world a better place to leave – to spend eternity in Hell. Laws may need changing; cultural issues may be challenging; internet access – wrongly used – may be a curse but the spiritual state of the nation was a heart problem. The problem of the heart is the heart of the problem.
      3. The direction to look – Ezra 9 v 5-6. Ezra looked to God. In dark days, there is hope in God.
      4. The remedy – Ezra 9 v 8-9. Grace hath been shown from the Lord our God –
        God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense – a little reviving from God – and verse 9 – God hath not forsaken us but hath extended mercy to His remnant. Nuclear bombs may be the biggest weapons around, but Christians have God, the Bible and Gospel power. We must continue to hope in the Lord – and seek His encouragement – and never give up.

Pastor Zenker closed by emphasising Romans 1 v 16 – “for I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.”

The meeting closed with a rendering of ‘O God, our help in ages past’, based on Psalm 90 v 1-5 and a Christian Watch book table was made available with free literature to be taken away for widespread circulation.

(CD copies of the address by Pastor Zenker (including the introduction by the Vice-Chairman)
are available at £2.50 per CD
(inc. P&P) from:

Christian Watch,
PO Box 2113,

Nuneaton, CV11 6ZY


or Purchase online

CRE International Exhibition 2015 at the ExCel Centre, London

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Report on CRE Exhibition

By:  Michael Hobbis

CRE International ExCeL London 2015

CRE International ExCeL London 2015

The annual CRE exhibition found Christian Watch at a new venue this year.  Previously located at Sandown Park, we were now at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London Docklands.

We will quickly pass over the new logistical problems in setting up our stand in ExCel, but suffice it to say, while we could leisurely unload from our vehicles at Sandown close to the Stand area, in this new location in London we were given just 15 minutes to unload and transport all our materials across the Exhibition – quite some way from the parking area – with the threat of financial penalties if we overstayed.  The same conditions applied at the end of the show.

However, on a somewhat more positive note; once ensconced on our Stand, we were blessed with many opportunities to speak to visitors – although sadly not quite so many as is usual at Sandown.

Our theme of this year’s witness was separation from false teachers and their doctrines, but promoting ‘unity in the truth’; as opposed to ‘unity at the expense of truth’.  The excellent booklet “They have forgotten…” by Ruth Palgrave was distributed freely and taken by many visitors.  To support our witness there were pictorial banner displays of Jan Hus, Martin Luther and William Tyndale, with quotes and information, together with the Scripture text from 2 Cor. 6:17; ‘Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.’

These three Reformers which were depicted aroused a large amount of interest and were the catalyst for many useful conversations, particularly concerning Tyndale and Luther. Providentially B.V. Henry has, we were told, just written a book on these very same three Reformers and suggestions were made that perhaps we may wish to publish and distribute this work.

Some new members joined us and the contacts made will, we trust, by the grace of God, cause some to examine their own spiritual stand for Christ and His Truth and their position as regards the claims of Holy Scripture, in a day when many are forsaking the right path for a way of compromise with error.

Personally, I was surprised at how many visitors were unclear concerning the foundations of the Bible and the use of unsound versions of Holy Scripture.  The excellency of the old King James Bible was explained and the shaky foundations upon which virtually all modern translations pointed out, but most seemed either uncaring or ignorant of these matters upon which they rest their hopes for eternity.  There really is a need for sound bibliology and the superiority of the Authorised Bible to be taught in the churches.

Christian Watch has also been represented at the Royal Cornwall Show in Wadebridge 4th – 6th of June and at the Ardingly,  South of England Show 11th- 13th of June.

We do praise Him for His great kindness in giving these opportunities to make known the truth of the Gospel and to serve Christ our Captain. ‘For His merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth forever, Praise ye the Lord’ Psalm 117.

Report on Annual Public Meeting 2014

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The Annual General Meeting of Christian Watch was held this year on Friday, 3rd October, 2014 at Tamworth Road Baptist Church, Croydon at 7.30 p.m. This was the first time that the meeting had been held in the Croydon area and it was good to share fellowship with both old friends and new and to meet with the Lord’s people who attend the Church week by week.

The meeting opened with prayer and an introduction to Christian Watch by the Vice-Chairman, Ian Henderson, who outlined the reason for the existence of Christian Watch and the need to stand four-square for the truths of the Gospel. With the continuing decline in so many Churches, he emphasised the need to ‘stand in the breach’ and keep faithful to the old-fashioned Gospel message of repentance and salvation.

Outlining some of the major developments in our society today, Mr. Henderson referred to the promotion of same-sex ‘marriage’; the continuing desecration of the Lord’s Day; ecumenism – with all its links with a range of false religions; the growth and general acceptance of gay rights and the depravity that can be witnessed in all our major cities as a result of the Gay Pride parades; the introduction of women clergy and women Bishops and the constant threat to introduce Constitutional changes in our land. But, in spite of all these things, the Christian’s rest and trust is in a Sovereign God – and His Word has not changed one iota. God is still on the throne – and He maintains the same attributes today as He ever has – attributes of holiness, righteousness, justice and sin-hating.

Mr. Henderson informed the meeting of the 10 Commandments Project – a project that aimed to get the 10 Commandments into all the schools in the country. With this in mind, the subject chosen for the Annual General Meeting was ‘Divine Law for Daily Living’ and the guest speaker, the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Barry Shucksmith (Royal Navy (Rtd)), based his comments on Matthew 5 verses 1-20 – part of the Sermon on the Mount – where the first 12 verses outlined those who are blessed – and (verse 11) – blessed even in persecution. Salvation, he said, is entirely dependent on the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Shucksmith emphasised – in a powerful message – the role of the Christian. ‘Ye are the salt of the earth’ – verse 13; ‘ye are the light of the world’ – verse 14; and, as Christians, we are called, in our daily living, to keep the 10 Commandments. The Church has to be separated from the world – characteristics of salt; the believer should be salt and light – let your light so shine before men. The law of God is a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ (Galatians 3 v 24). Quoting from the various Confessions of Faith, he stressed their practicality, their preciousness and their permanence for believer and unbeliever alike.

The Commandments, he said, needed to be accepted personally and promoted generally. The modern British family is today teetering on the brink of extinction and, in the absence of Gospel preaching in so many of our Churches, the project by Christian Watch to try and get the 10 Commandments into the schools, is to be commended and encouraged. The law of the Lord is powerful – pure – and perfect.

The presence of the Lord had been keenly felt as the meeting progressed – and Bookstalls from Christian Watch and George Wise Publications were both on hand for the benefit of those that had gathered – at the close of the meeting.

Ian Henderson.