Report on the Outreach at Ardingly Agricultural Show

Written by Steven Black on 19/07/2017. Posted in Current, News

held at the South of England Showground
on 8th – 10th June, 2017

In writing these reports about our presence at the Exhibitions, it is always essential to remember that our main aim is one of witness to our God and Saviour and to present the Gospel to as many as possible. Living, as we do, in a time when Biblical truth is largely trodden underfoot and the true Gospel distorted, not to say even despised, then the need for faithfully contending for the faith is even more necessary in our day. Therefore, the more of the population we can reach with the Word, based on personal testimony, is to be sought for. Well, we certainly seemed to achieve in a large measure this aim at Ardingly this year. Our stand was, happily due to a last minute (providential) re-arrangement, situated on a busy thoroughfare, almost opposite the entrance to a fairground where many with their children were headed. Consequently, we were able to offer a goodly amount of Christian literature to the passer-by; children’s books quickly ran out.
While some rejected the offer, quite a number responded politely and, even others, enthusiastically. Long conversations were had with a variety of people, some quite bizarre; such as a traditionally dressed Sikh woman who was amazed by some of the things she was told were in the Scriptures. She was quite astounded that God had, as is recorded in Genesis, sent a mist to water the earth. After a lengthy discussion, having arrived seemly full of her own false knowledge with which to put us right, she left quite challenged and thoughtful. Prayers, I hope, will be made for this very confused and mystically inclined lady.
Another useful conversation was held with the man from the next Stand who stated he was not very religious. However, after some time of explaining that religion does not save, but Christ alone with faith in Him, he went away to his Stand thoughtful and, I believe, challenged.
Many contacts, such as those above, were made by Marcus Brockes, David Ansell and myself during this Exhibition. Due to the addition of David with us this year, Marcus and I, who are both feeling the effects of age, could have some time off. The spirit is willing, but the legs become weak.
All in all, we came away tired as usual, but happy in the knowledge that we, poor unprofitable servants, had been given again the opportunity to witness for Jesus, our Lord and King. How soon do we waver and fail Him!

Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord (Isa. 43: 10).

Michael Hobbis



Report on the CW Outreach at
Devon County Agricultural

Written by Steven Black on 31/05/2017. Posted in Current, News

Westpoint, Exeter on the 18 – 20 May, 2017

The attendance of Marcus Brockes and myself at the Devon Show this year was something of a first for Christian Watch. In previous years, we have exhibited and witnessed at CRE Exeter, Cornwall, Sandown, Birmingham, Manchester and London; while many years ago Northern Ireland was a chosen venue.

It was therefore a happy surprise to see so many visitors attend, especially so when considering the weather – heavy showers with intermittent sunshine. It is said that over 95,000 attended over the three days.

Our stand was located in a busy thoroughfare. The Protestant Alliance were also represented at the show and we were able to assist them by distributing some copies of the Reformer magazine.

Almost opposite to us was the Jehovah Witness area. Their presence was not really a distraction, but initiated some useful conversations and comparisons. One particular man came to our stand who had been in the JW cult for some 30 years. He had seen the errors in such a Movement, yet could not break free in his mind from their destructive teaching. He explained that he was, spiritually speaking, in a thick fog when he tried to pray. We did spend some time with him and it seemed he left genuinely thankful for the help we were able to give.

We had many opportunities to present the Gospel, but some stand out in the memory more than others. A lady visited the stand in the company of her son and daughter; both were soon to sit an examination in Theology and their mother wanted to talk about the Christian religion generally. She was very sympathetic to what we had to say, as were her children.

It was explained that, although head knowledge was useful, it was infinitely preferable to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally. They agreed with this and when we assured them of our prayers – that not only would they be successful academically – but also come to saving faith in Christ, the girl began to well-up with tears, as did her mother…. and, I would add, we did too!

Very little real opposition was encountered, and we left tired but hopeful that our labour had not been in vain in the Lord. To Him alone, who does glorious things, we offer thankful praise.

Michael Hobbis

Report on the CW Outreach at
Devon County Agricultural