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      ♦ What is my own personal standing before the Lord? For Almighty God to hear my prayer for the Nation, I myself need to be in a right relationship with Him. We come before God’s Throne of grace trusting not in our own righteousness but His Mercy.

      ♦ Psalm107:34 “A fruitful land into barrenness for the wickedness of them that dwell therein.” Proverbs14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

      ♦ Pray most especially for the repentance of the nation and that people may come to truly know the Lord and follow Him. May there be heartfelt repentance at the neglect of His Church and His Laws.

      ♦ We have driven the Lord Jesus Christ out of our culture, out of our Government and out of the education of our children. In the void, we have replaced Him with idols, greed, carnality, materialism and immorality. We have polluted the land with pornography, profaned the sacred and sanctified the profane. No nation that does this can expect God’s blessing of protection to remain.

      ♦ Many people are increasingly frightened by events around them. This world and this country is in turmoil. Nationally, we are in a mess socially, morally, politically, economically and spiritually. Pray that people may humbly seek God’s guidance and help regarding these issues.

      ♦ Pray for the protection of the nation from acts of terrorism and that God may show mercy rather than judgement upon a nation that has rejected His Laws and Commandments. We urgently need His blessing of protection from the threats around us and within.

      ♦ A nation or society will reap what it sows. Ask that God may open the hearts and minds of the spiritually blind in order that they may see that the way of salvation, peace and safety lies in following Him.

      ♦ Pray that the Lord may raise up Godly people to take on positions of responsibility and influence. The Church is a battleship – and not a passenger liner – which means that every devout “able-bodied” Christian has a role to play in some way. Pray that Christians may recognise their responsibility to be a strong Christian witness wherever they are. Every Christian is a missionary and every unbeliever a mission field.

      ♦ Pray for the Queen, Royal family and political leaders. Pray that God will raise up more Christians to guide and direct the thoughts of the nation. The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. For example, pray that the Lord may call more Christians to be Pastors and clergy, politicians and journalists, Judges, Magistrates and law makers, teachers, Councillors, School Governors, nurses and doctors etc, in order that a Christian influence may extend throughout every strata of society.

      ♦ Pray for greater support for Christian-run charities, missionary societies and organisations both at home and overseas.

      ♦ Pray that, while being bold in our Christian witness, we remain gracious, kind and loving towards those with whom we disagree.

      ♦ Pray for those Christians who have lost their jobs or livelihood because of their faithfulness to Christ.

      ♦ Pray that the issues arising out of the EU referendum will drive us toward, rather than away, from God. Pray that God in His Providence will over-rule the events of these troubled times to advance His Kingdom.

In conclusion, as Christians, we seek God’s mercy, forgiveness, healing, restoration, protection and revival upon our nation. A true spirit of repentance will result in such blessings. Let us be encouraged by the moving promise in II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Take heart and be of good courage. The Lord can save by many or by few – see II Chronicles 14:11. Also remember the story of Gideon and his 300 (Judges ch.7) and the re-assurance given to weary and distressed Elijah when the entire nation seemed all but lost. (I Kings 19:11-18).

Suggested Bible readings: Joel 2 v 12 onwards; Isaiah 58; Isaiah 59 v 1-8; Jonah 3; Psalm 130; Daniel 9 v 4-19

“O God, Who has graciously preserved our nation through two World Wars, and hast led us in wondrous ways; we confess that as a nation we have turned far from Thee and have neglected our national responsibilities before the world; we have misused the liberty for which men and women gave their lives; we have pursued pleasure and not the living God; we acknowledge that Thou will not bless or deliver our nation from the future enemy until we have returned to Thee. Therefore we entreat Thy Divine Majesty to turn the hearts of the people of this nation to true repentance. Purge out the sins that dishonour Thee. Give us true religion; crown our faith with righteousness, and lift us up, a holy people, to Thy praise and honour, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

Please do share these prayer topics, readings and the above information with other Christians so that they, too, can use them and be encouraged in spirit.

Rev. J. Willans,
Vicar of Christ Church, Brockham, Surrey.


A Prayer Request from Kenya

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Dear friends in the Lord, and my dear brother David Crowter

I believe you are OK. Our God is faithful. In the last year we have gone through difficulties, my wife and I we were sick, but we have seen His favour and grace and now we are healed . To God be the glory. I never hear from you, but I believe you are OK. We bring your names before God daily for His grace and believe (trust?) for the care of you all. We are still praying for you to come and visit our churches and hold a conference. The doors are open for you to come. Also our children need your prayers, as the schools re-opened last week.
Please give my sincere greetings to all friends. We love you all.

Your brother Pastor Ondara Yeye


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The situation in Gaza and Southern Israel –
Update: On Monday 19th November 2012 800 missiles were fired from Gaza – The Iron Dome have been continuously intercepting missiles since Wednesday 14 November……..

Prayer to the God of Heaven

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Reading: Nehemiah 1 and 2 verses 1-4

Bethel Prayer Meeting Address
by Mr. B. A. Ramsbotton (Bethel Chapel, Luton)

No doubt you must have noticed that in the latter part of the Old Testament the Lord is often spoken of as the God of heaven. And what a title! He is there in heaven, on the throne, almighty, in control. So what an encouragement to these Old Testament saints to pray to “the God of heaven,” the One who with heaven and earth at His command waits to answer prayer.” And, ‘much more believers now, in this more favoured day.’ Not just the God of heaven, but the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not just seeing Him almighty, but seeing the throne of grace, being enabled to come as sinners pleading the name of Jesus on mercy’s ground, pleading the blood of Jesus……


From Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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None can believe how powerful prayer is, and what it is able to effect, but those who have learned it by experience.

It is a great matter, when in extreme need, to take hold on prayer. I know, whenever I have earnestly prayed, I have been amply heard, and have obtained more than I prayed for; God indeed sometimes delayed, but at last He came.

Ecclesiastes says, “The prayer of a good and godly Christian availeth more to health than the physician’s prescription.”

O, how great a thing, how marvellous, a godly Christian’s prayer is! How powerful with God; that a poor human creature should speak with God’s high Majesty in heaven, and not be afraid but, on the contrary, know that God smiles upon him for Christ’s sake, His dearly beloved Son. The heart and conscience, in this act of praying, must not fly and recoil backwards because of his sins and unworthiness, or stand in doubt, or be frightened away…….

From Martin Luther (1483-1546)


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The Christian should join prayer to all other means because of the great prevalency that prayer hath with God. He will do no great matter for a saint without prayer, and nothing is too great for Him to do at his request.

Prayer, like Jonathan’s bow, when duly qualified as to the person and act, never returns empty. Never was faithful prayer lost at sea. No merchant trades with such certainty as the praying saint. Some prayers indeed have a longer voyage than other; but then they come with the richer lading at last into the port. In trading, he gets most by his commodity that can forebear his money longest. So does the Christian that can with most patience stay for a return of his prayer. Such a soul shall never be ashamed of his waiting. The promise is as an assuring office to secure him his adventure (I John 3:22). O who can express the powerful oratory of a believer’s prayer! “This little word, ‘Father’, lisped forth in prayer by a child of God, exceeds the eloquence of Demosthenes, Cicero, and all other so famed orators in the world” (Luther).

We read of taking heaven “by force” (Matt. 11:12). If ever this may be said to be done it is in prayer. Saith Tertullian, “We knock at heaven, and the merciful heart of God flies open, which we bring away with us.” And in the same apology he speaks of Christians, how they went to pray, as an army doth to besiege a town, and take it by storm. And then he adds, “This holy violence we offer to God in prayer is very pleasing to Him.” Surely, if it were not, He would neither help the Christian so in the work, nor reward him for it when it is done. Whereas He doth both…..