£10 Membership

Membership costs £10.00 per person and renewals occur in January each year. To join simply print and fill out the Membership Application Form and then send it along with your subscription fee to the address stated on the form.

Membership Benefits

As a Christian Watch Member you will receive approximately 6 mailings per year with useful information, encouragement and resources.

The Pastoral material included with our mailings has received a very favourable response from our Members and because of this positive response we felt led by the Lord to include items of a spiritual nature from time to time.

Here is a list of the material which featured in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue to members to give you an idea of the content of a mailing.

Example Mailing

Contents of Nov/Dec 2016 issue Mailing
    • Letter from the Vice-Chairman
    • “Christian Obligations – To Engage in the Battle”- Ian Henderson,
      CW Vice-Chairman
    • “The Promise and Sign of Christ’s Coming” – Hymn by Isaac Watts
    • “Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?”
      Part 3 – Shaun Willcock
    • “Prayer in Time of Desolation” – Mr. J. Delves
    • News and Current Affairs
    • “The Desire of the Soul” – J. C. Philpot
    • “The Incarnation of God” – Hymn by C. Wesley