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A Cry from Kenya

A Recent communication:
An e-mail by Pastor Ondara Yeye from Kenya sent to Christian Watch chairman David Crowter on 15th January 2013

Dear friends in the Lord, and my dear brother David Crowter
I believe you are OK. Our God is faithful. In the last year we have gone through difficulties, my wife and I we were sick, but we have seen His favour and grace and now we are healed . To God be the glory. I never hear from you, but I believe you are OK. We bring your names before God daily for His grace and believe (trust?) for the care of you all. We are still praying for you to come and visit our churches and hold a conference. The doors are open for you to come. Also our children need your prayers, as the schools re-opened last week.
Please give my sincere greetings to all friends. We love you all.

Your brother Pastor Ondara Yeye

This e-mail has been very slightly edited due to language difficulties. Please pray for this Pastor and the children in his care also the orphans in the school in Nigeria as there is much persecution and danger in these regions, and as all members are led, please send financial help too. True religion and undefiled before God and the Father is surely this, To remember the fatherless and widows in affliction, even if we cannot visit them, 1 James 27. Let them hear from us all.

Michael Hobbis (National Co-ordinator).