Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word


D L Moody

I remember blaming my mother for sending me to church on the Sabbath. On one occasion the preacher had to send someone into the gallery to wake me up. I thought it was hard to have to work in the field all the week and then to be obliged to go to church and hear a sermon I didn’t understand. I thought I wouldn’t go to church anymore when I got away from home; but I had got so in the habit of going that I couldn’t stay away. After one or two Sabbaths, back again to the house of God I went. There I first found Christ, and I have often said since, “Mother, I thank you for making me go to the house of God when I didn’t want to go.”

Parents, if you want your children to grow up and honor you, have them honor the Sabbath day. Don’t let them go off fishing and getting into bad company, or it won’t be long before they will come home and curse you. I know few things more beautiful than to see a father and mother coming up the aisle with their daughters and sons, and sitting down together to hear the Word of God. It is a good thing to have the children, not in some remote loft or gallery, but in a good place, well in sight. Though they cannot understand the sermon now, when they get older they won’t desire to break away, they will continue attending public worship in the house of God.