Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

A remnant shall be saved

1. On wings of love the Saviour flies,
And freely left his native skies,
To take a human birth;
The wise and righteous men go near,
His wonders see, his sermons hear,
And think him nothing worth.


2. A remnant small of humble souls
His grace mysteriously controls
By sweet alluring call;
They hear it, and his person view,
They learn to love and follow too,
And take him for their all.


3. One of this remnant I would be,
A soul devoted unto thee,
Allurèd by thy voice;
No more on gaudy idols gaze,
No longer tinsel grandeur praise,
But fix on thee my choice.


4. Thou knowest well my secret smart,
And readest all my aching heart,
And hearest every sigh;
Can any creature give me rest,
Or any blessing make me blest,
Unless my Lord is nigh?


5. While walking on the gospel-way,
I would see Jesus every day,
And see in all his grace;
See him my Prophet, Priest, and King;
See him by faith, and praises sing;
Then see him face to face.