Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

A Report of the Christian WatchExhibition at the Ardingly South of England Agricultural Show

We are thankful that our third year at Ardingly showground on the 7th – 9th of June 2018, was the means of reaching many thousands of visitors with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the second year running our stand was adjacent to the children’s fairground site, and so we were able again to contact many children and their parents. Apart from school visitation, which is now difficult to arrange, this is a unique opportunity to reach out to children and their parents, either with appropriate literature, or by spoken witness.

This year an operator from the fair – the carousel – made contact with us and in the several conversations I had with him; not only stated that he wholeheartedly supported us in our aims of standing for the truth of God in an ungodly age, but also appreciated our witness at the show, and promised to make contact again by telephone at a later date. Indeed, several other people came to us and expressed their dismay at the descent of society into sin and the rapid decline of faith and morals around them. Again, these expressed their thankfulness for the uncompromising witness at Ardingly.

We joined again with SMCC Sussex Martyrs Commemoration Council and they shared a small part of the stand.

Not a few conversations took place with those from sects and cults, while others sadly displayed a sad ignorance of the Word of God – one man asking what a Bible was! On the Saturday the Show was very well attended by many families, and we were able to distribute over 110 of the large TBS 10 commandments posters, with much other Christian literature specifically intended for children.

All in all, we again felt encouraged that CW was able by means of their attendance at this ‘Vanity Fair’ to confront many souls with the pure Word of God, who would possibly otherwise never come into contact with it. Please pray that the distributed literature and conversations will be used to work effectually in the hearts of many and to their salvation by the grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Other exhibitions planned for this year are at Sandown Park, Esher on 16th – 18th October this year at stand S 134 and a one-day event at the Bucks County Show in Aylesbury on August 30th.

Michael Hobbis