Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

All is well

How varied are the stations of man’s calling!

How diverse are their positions in life!
Some reign in palaces; some toil in cottages.

Some feast at plenty’s table; some pine in poverty’s contracted cells.

Purple and splendor deck the rich man; Lazarus lies a beggar at the gate.

Some work at looms; others in fields.

Some climb the mast; others handle the spade.

Some exercise the mental powers; others strain the muscles of the body.

Some soar in literature’s highest flights; some crawl illiterate to the grave.

But perfect Wisdom rules these varieties on life’s stage. No being enters or recedes, but in accordance with God’s will.

He speaks; they live. He speaks; they die. Entrance and exit are in His hand.

At His decree all kings, all beggars, breathe and expire.

Both times and stations are allotted by His mind.

He raises to the pinnacles of earth; or veils in seclusion.

He leads to walks known and observed by all; or hides in garrets of obscurity.

Let then the child of God live, rejoicing in his day and lot. No change would be improvement.
He best can serve his generation, and advance his soul concerns, by working cheerfully in his assigned position.

Believer . . .
banish your fears; cast out all doubts; lift up the happy head; clap the exulting hands;
rejoice; give thanks.

Your heavenly Father cannot set you in a wrong place.

Your loving Saviour cannot lead you in wrong paths.

All is well.

A short extract from “Deuteronomy” by Henry Law