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Boko Haram Kills 23 People in Nigeria for ‘Disobeying’ Sharia Law

Islamic terrorists suspected to be from the Boko Haram group have launched another wave of attacks in Nigeria, killing at least 23 people who they deemed to have been breaking Sharia Law.

The two separate attacks occurred on Monday and Tuesday in north-east Nigeria, and targeted people selling pork, which Muslims are forbidden to eat, and a group engaged in gambling, which is also against Islamic law, BBC News reported.

Boko Haram has made it their mission to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state and drive out the nation’s Christians, who make up half of the country’s population, by any means necessary. In the last few years they have bombed churches, killed pastors and gunned down close to 1,400 people since 2010.

The first attack, on Monday, occurred at a market in Damboa in Borno state, where Boko Haram has been especially active.

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