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Who is on the Lord’s Side? Campaign

Campaign Report

The campaign continued in Devon/Cornwall with our representation on a stand at the Royal Cornwall Show where we were kindly allowed a section of the David Livingstone International marquee to exhibit the work and literature of Christian Watch and the current campaign.
Sadly, the first day was, as most will know by now, extremely stormy; the marquee opposite to us was destroyed in the high winds and many of us, including the police, in what some may consider an amusing scene, were hanging on to the remaining poles and sides while it could be dismantled. I hear the sheep tent and some others also suffered a similar fate.
Whilst our marquee received no small buffeting, we are thankful that all held up safely. The wild weather meant that, over the course of the show, there were 13,000 less visitors; however, it did have the effect of bringing some into our tent to shelter, where some profitable conversations were held. We also had new member enquiries, with a very zealous family from Wadebridge offering to help out with the work. Hundreds of the new Christian Watch ‘ About us ’ leaflets-with tracts inserted-were handed out during the show. We request prayer for the effectual working of the Holy Spirit through these as He wills. Such has been the influence of Roman Catholicism in the South West that any Reformed Protestant work is a labour on hard and stony ground. However, there are faithful Ministers labouring here and there proclaiming the Word of life. I visited several believers and Pastors whilst in Devon and Cornwall and though there were some who claimed to be ‘Reformed’, they seemed quite happy to be connected with RC churches and spoke disparagingly of the glorious Reformation – others gave me an enthusiastic reception. I am to return in early August, DV, to speak at three separate prayer meetings about the work of Christian Watch. The dates, for those able to attend are: Tuesday 7th August, 7pm at Whiddon Valley Evangelical Church, Barnstaple – Pastor David Kay. Wednesday 8th,7.30pm at Penzance Baptist Church – Pastor Jonathan Stobbs. Provisionally on Thursday 9th at Buddle Lane Evangelical Church, Exeter – Pastor Jonathan Munday.
Christian Watch in the Exeter area now has a new Contact Group under the leadership of Mr. Shabytah, who is to shortly arrange an initial meeting with the local members. Where possible, please do support this concerned brother who is zealous in the Lord, both by prayer and also physically, in the work at Exeter. As a convert to Christ from the darkness of Islam, Mr. Shabytah objects to the term Islamaphobic; as he points out – he is not afraid of Islam but rejects its false teaching. In like manner the homosexuals and the police refer to Christians as being Homophobic. We, by God’s grace, fear no man except the Lord – and Him with reverence and love.
On the subject of the world’s opposition, there are increasing reports from all over this nation of harassment by the police and others for proclaiming the Gospel publicly: the actual legislation (Section 5 etc.) is by no means clear, even for legal minds, but I would, as space permits, in a future issue set out what little I know of the legal position as regards
witnessing and preaching in the open air, either with amplification or without. Whilst we are to obey God rather than man when it comes to publishing His truth, I believe that we are entering into days of persecution where, if we can minimise the trouble we encounter from the authorities and provide some lawful defence, so much the better. (See Paul in Acts 22 “but I was free born”). Of course there are those preachers who seem to rail against homosexual perversion and court persecution as if it were a badge of righteousness to be arrested, and we would not support that. But a proclamation of the Gospel and God’s view of all sin is a dearly won right of our Christian heritage, as well as our duty when called by God.
If any of our members have had such experiences of police confrontation, please do contact me directly before the next issue of the CW newsletter (August).
Following our Sandown exhibition and meeting afterwards at Ewell, there has been some interest in forming a Kingston, Surrey contact group, with more interest by telephone as I write! I do hope to be able to give further details in our next issue on this.
The brethren in the contacts groups in Horsham and Chichester are jointly holding a meeting at 7pm on the 28th July at Heene Community Centre, 122 Heene Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4PL. This is to be preceded by an open air witness at Montague Street, Worthing. For further information, please contact Steven Black.
The pull – up campaign banner ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’ has brought favourable comments from those who are not even affiliated with us. It is a question Moses put to the people who professed the name of the Lord all those many years ago, when he called them, in God’s name, to step apart from all the sin of the people who had made the golden calf, and stand under the banner of holiness and truth.
In our spiritually dark times it is as relevant a question as ever. Who, who is really on the Lord’s side?
“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy Name? and in thy Name have cast out devils? And in thy Name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” Matt. 7:22,23.
Since this is a vital subject, about which we surely should not be mistaken, what is it then for Christ to know us now and in the Day of Judgment, and to walk with Him in white? It is to know Him in His communications to us through His Word and the love He has to us and we have to Jesus Christ and all His; who as the God/man purchased us with His own blood and lifted us out of the pit. Now, in our adherence to Him and hatred of sin, this makes us to love His Word and to be zealous for souls for His sake – not for any other motive; neither reputation nor profit. In the language of inspired Scripture: “O Lord, have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to Thy Name, and to the remembrance of thee.” Isaiah 26:8.
Who then is on the Lord’s side? Let him stand with us now. So we seek, under Jesus our Lord, to form groups of believers in every village, town and city in the UK, and even farther afield; with all who believe that all work done for Him is their reasonable service. In these days of darkness and gathering storm clouds of hatred to God and all His people, I am sure it is needful for us all to encourage each other in the Lord’s work. If it was a blessing to Paul, when he received courage at Appiiforum and the Three Taverns, how much more we weak and timid flock need, under God, such a help from each other. If only for this reason alone, such groups comprised of often isolated believers can prosper, serve and glorify their Saviour and King: even Jesus.
In the will of God, I hope soon to be going next to Liverpool, where Christian folk have expressed a desire to have their own contact group there.
I would exhort all members to pray for the work and that the Lord will enable us to continue in it.

Michael Hobbis
National Co-ordinator