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A false balance is abomination to the Lord:
but a just weight is his delight.


Napoleon is said to have referred scornfully to the English people as a race of small shopkeepers. In this day of supermarkets and hypermarkets, the small shop is almost a thing of history. Considered as no longer having any commercial value, it has been swept away by the tide of what is called progress. In other days, God considered small shops of such importance that He inspected their affairs!
The Lord has an interest in the business ethics of businesses large and small. Few things are so disliked by God that they are called an abomination. Among those few things are the cheating merchant and his false balances.
The religion of many never reaches their store or their office or wherever they carry on their business. It never affects their dealings with others. It has no impact upon the quality of the service they render others. True religion will always influence us, our affairs, and those we encounter every day. It will make us persons with whom it is safe and pleasant to do business. The businessman or merchant who is converted to Christ will be “under new management”—a management whose policy is one of scrupulous honesty, a management that pays particular attention to the accuracy of the balances, a management that loves its customer as itself.
Such an honest policy pays. It really is true that honesty is the best policy. It will never cost you money or profit to honour God by maintaining His business standards and dealing with others as you would have others deal with you. God delights in a “just weight.” He also delights in those who “deal truly” (Prov. 12:22). Any venture in which God delights will surely prosper. The great Arbitrator of men’s affairs will see to it that “with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38).

—I. F.

Honesty is one business policy that will never have to
be changed to keep up with the times.



An extract from the book by B. W. Newton (1807-1899)

Revelation 17 and 18

IT has been already remarked, that it is the habit of prophecy first of all to develop the end. It describes the consummation first ; and if in subsequent visions the same subject be retraced, we find ourselves led further back as to time, and earlier circumstances are portrayed. He who has valued and given heed to the earlier lesson, will desire further knowledge and he is worthy to receive it. We find a remarkable instance of this enlarged instruction in the chapter before us.
The thirteenth chapter had, as we have seen, revealed the great Monarch of the prophetic earth in all the plenitude of his glorious power. We see him there in his last estate, with all glory centred in himself all recognised as proceeding from him, and all returning to him : for he glorifies himself as God.

But this chapter treats of a preceding period. It ends where the thirteenth begins. We find here the initiatory steps of his glory. And although that glory is even here exceeding great, for ” the beast had seven heads and ten horns” the emblems of concentrated authority over the whole “Roman earth, yet he holds this glory from and with another, fairer and more attractive than himself; for he sustained a “ woman arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls.”

The path, therefore, of Antichrist into power will not be dissimilar to that which has hitherto uniformly been trodden by those who have exalted themselves into greatness. They who have hitherto risen from obscurity into glory who have founded new sovereignties, and given their name to empires, have first been the servants of some existing system which they have served, and under whose favours they have grown, until they have become strong enough to despise and spurn its patronage. And hence it is that none, no, not even saints (except indeed they watch and keep the testimonies of the prophecy of this book) will feel surprised or scandalized at the course upon which Antichrist enters. He will merely be the friend and the supporter of a system already known and already honoured a system that will have been long existent and long valued. And they who have seen no deformity therein whose eyes and whose thoughts have been habituated to rest in it with complacency, if not with joy who have seen in it no “mystery” of iniquity will find little to offend them in the ways of that mighty One who will arise to be its champion and its shield. Indeed it cannot be doubted, that many an individual, admired and idolized by men, is even at this present hour occupying a place that resembles, in the estimate of God, this early place of Antichrist. Few resemble him in his final place of individualized power : but all who have thrown their energies into the support of any systems whereby the truth of God has been discredited, or wickedness sanctified by the name of Christ, do virtually stand in a place that answers, in measure, to the symbol here given, and have, like the beast, names, though not all names, of blasphemy written on them.

We cannot, therefore, be surprised that this chapter has frequently been applied by the servants of God, in different ages, to those ruling systems which they have severally recognised in their own day as hostile to the people and to the truth of Christ, whilst perhaps blasphemously assuming His authority and name. Nor were they altogether wrong in this ; for what ecclesiastical body, I might add, what secular body, has. . . . . .

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By Richard Bennett (Former Roman Catholic Priest Of 22 Years)

On October 8th, 2000, Pope John Paul II, under the assumed title of Vicar of Christ, consecrated the world and the new millennium to “Mary Most Holy. [1] This “Act of Entrustment to Mary Most Holy” of that which belongs to God alone is a mockery of the First Commandment. The Pope’s official and offensive act ought to warn Christians that while the Pope formally claims to be “the true vicar of Christ,” [2] he in fact opposes Christ by false worship. What is equally serious is the title under which he performs. The True Vicar of Christ is the Holy Spirit. He alone is sent to take the Lord’s place, testifying not to Himself but to Christ (John 15:26). The gravity of teaching and purporting to act in this divine role is that it denigrates the divine Person of the Holy Spirit. The Antichrist is also anti Holy Spirit.

With self-assurance, on September 5th 2000, the Church of Rome claimed, “…the very fullness of grace and truth [of the Lord Jesus Christ is alone] entrusted to the Catholic Church.”[3] While aping His divine prerogatives, this was explicitly speaking against Christ, the only One who is full of grace and truth. The Scripture declares it necessary to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ alone, from Whom one receives “…abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness4″>[4] Over and against Him is the present day decree of Rome, “The Church affirms that for believers the sacraments of the New Covenant are necessary for salvation. ‘Sacramental grace’ is the grace of the Holy Spirit, given by Christ and proper to each sacrament.”[5] What is not said here is that Rome’s physical sacraments, tightly gripped in the Pontiff’s hand and declared indispensable, are thereby substituted for the Lord of Glory and His Gospel.

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By Rev. David Blunt, Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) – 29th October, 2010.

The Rev. David Blunt of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) on the Isle of North Uist spoke on the subject of “The Antichrist: The Present and Future Threat” at the 2010 Christian Watch Annual Meeting held on 29th October in Luton.

The Rev. Blunt opened his address by highlighting how everyone seems to have heard of the Antichrist, but few seem to really understand the term and in particular who and what Antichrist is. He also warned against the two extremes when considering the Antichrist, of 1) being “over literal” in interpreting the scriptures and 2) “being unduly shy in our approach” to this important matter thinking these are issues too difficult to comprehend. He continued that it was his conviction that the Papacy was the very Antichrist revealed in God’s word and then clearly laid out the development of the Papacy through history until the present day.

Rev. Blunt continued by identifying the new strategies of the Papacy now it can no longer impose its views outside its own “Church” as it did in times past. The first strategy being its apparent reform, the second its hypocritical demands for the very minority rights it so often denies others and, finally, in its ecumenical endeavours to create a “unified” church under the headship of the Pope.

Further Rev. Blunt showed how these new tactics of guile by the Papacy have successfully deceived many including the Monarchy and successive Governments to think that Rome has somehow changed, and is no longer the murderous persecutor of the dark ages. Indeed so successful have these new tactics been that even some professing Christians and “evangelicals” no longer see the Church of Rome as an apostate church but rather have the deeply misguided view that they are “fellow brothers in Christ” and we should join together to fight the forces of secularisation. Rev. Blunt then gave four causes for this worrying shift in attitude.

This excellent address was concluded with an exhortation for true Christians to play their part in the Papacy’s destruction by faithfully contending for, and preaching, the Biblical gospel and, finally, an encouragement to take heart because the final destruction of the Papacy was inevitable, at the Lord’s return.

Rev. David Blunt was born in Essex in 1958 and brought up in Hampshire. He was converted to Christ in 1983 while engaged in scientific research in Scotland and studied at the Free Church College in Edinburgh.

Following ordination to the ministry in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in 2000 he served as an Evangelist/Church Planter in Aberdeen.

In 2007 he was inducted as Minister of the North Uist & Grimsay Congregation in the Western Isles. Rev. Blunt is a founding member of the James Begg Society and the author of “Which Bible Version?” published by the Trinitarian Bible Society. He is married to Sybil.

The Antichrist: The Present & Future Threat

The work of the Lord
Speaker:Rev. David Blunt

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

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