Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word



For the attention of Mr. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


Dear Sir, I am informed that you claim marriage is out of date and that it was a stone-age idea. Such remarks just illustrate how out of date you are. Marriage was appointed by our creator God for the benefit of all mankind, and if it is re-defined to permit same sex marriage, it will inevitably result in the further decline of our once favoured nation. The United Kingdom was the most prosperous nation in the world when it maintained the standards and principles given by God in the Bible for the benefit of nations. This was substantiated by some of our past God fearing rulers, including the late Oliver Cromwell and Sir Winston Churchill. We depart from the laws of God at our peril. It is important for us each to remember that we shall have to give an account to that same God in the day of judgment – which is before us all – for the way in which we have discharged the responsibilities He has placed upon us. Please carefully and prayerfully consider the foregoing. D. Crowter Chairman, Christian Watch