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Christian children in Bangladesh taken and forcibly converted to Islam

“The conditions within these schools were revealed by eleven children, ten boys and one girl, who recently managed to escape after enduring six months of threats and violence.

Their days started with four hours of Arabic lessons from 8am to noon, followed by three hours of Quran readings in the afternoon, with five daily prayers throughout. Children who missed prayers or refused to take part in a lesson were subjected to physical violence. The girl who escaped had scars on her hand from being struck with a cane.

The boys made efforts to escape after being told that they would be circumcised, and that if they gave their lives for Islam, they would be rewarded with a place in heaven.

Some of the boys asked a Hindu family who live near the school to help them. The family contacted the boys’ parents, who, having been told what had really happened to their children, sought help from a Christian-run human rights organisation in Dhaka, which helped to rescue the children”.

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