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Could God Have Used Evolution? (Part 1)
by Jay Seegert (Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer, Creation Education Center)

The following excert is from an article that is part one of a series of three articles on the subject at the head of the page.
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“How could you be so arrogant to say that God could not use evolution? I have a degree in Biology and know that evolution is a fact and that all scientists believe it!”

‘Where does this question come from? I believe it is largely generated by the fact that many Christians find themselves in a bit of an apparent dilemma. They certainly believe in God and view the Bible as being his inspired Word, but they are also under the impression that scientist have virtually proven that evolution is a fact. They may also believe that science just deals with facts and you can’t really argue with that, because it is what it is. On the other hand, they reason that the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways and it doesn’t matter so much what we believe about creation, as long as we at least believe in Jesus.’……