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Divine Law for Daily Living

Christian Watch Annual Meeting

Held on Friday 3rd October, 2014 at Tamworth Road Baptist Chapel, Croydon

Reading: Matthew 5:1-20

Address by: The Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Barry Shucksmith

“Divine Law for Daily Living”

The subject is, I must say, an impossible subject to deal with in one brief address. But, perhaps, by God’s good grace and mercy, I may be able to indicate a few pointers for our own personal study and on-going reflection. May Almighty God be among us in power and with illumination. We look to the Holy Spirit to be our teacher, through His holy and inerrant Word. Our thoughts will centre, in particular, around Matthew 5:13-20.

The context of these verses is abundantly clear. The Sermon on the Mount is fundamental to our Lord’s teaching on the Kingdom of God and with respect to those true children of God who belong to it (Matthew 5:1-12). Moses went up into a Mountain (Ex.19:20) to receive the Law of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ, similarly, was on a mountain when He expounded the character of His true disciples. “They are the Blessed Ones,” He says.

(i) They are poor in spirit. They recognise their own spiritual impoverishment and acknowledge a complete dependence upon the mercy and grace of God.

(ii) They mourn – for themselves and for others. They weep over their sin. In the words of the Psalmist (119:136) “Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not Thy law.”

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