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Double Standards!

A letter to the Law Society chief Desmond Hudson:

Sir, It appears that you have reneged on your agreement to permit the debate at your premises to be attended by World congress of families and Christian Concern.

Your obvious disregard of all moral and legal values, brings you into contempt of not only that great British legal and parliamentary heritage handed down by the blood and efforts of our puritan forebears, but also brings you into conflict with God and His unchanging law which declares homosexuality to be an abomination and the practitioners of such abominations and their supporters to be in certain danger of hell itself.

O what a sad fate awaits yourself and all those complicit in these things. God’s silence and mercy must never be interpreted as His agreement. Had you the fear of God before you now – as one day you will surely have His terror – then you would most certainly cry out to Him for His forgiveness through His Son and the only Saviour Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Watch and hear for God’s wagons roll on towards you, the sound of their wheels draw ever nearer Mr Hudson.

Michael Hobbis
National Coordinator
For Christian Watch

Julia Gasper, of the Oxford UKIP party, also wrote to the Law Society challenging this same obvious act of discrimination. Their response was this:—

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