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Further restrictive legislation to keep Creation out of UK state-funded schools

The UK Government, following a campaign by the British Humanist Association (BHA), the National Secular Society (NSS), the British Centre for Science Education (BCSE), and the Royal Society, is now threatening to remove funding from free schools that do not teach evolution as a “comprehensive, coherent and extensively evidenced theory.” The new rules will apply from 2013.

“What are the Darwinists so afraid of, that they must hide their pet theory behind a legal fig leaf? No other scientific idea gets such legislative protection from scrutiny”.

“There needs to be a transcendent, spiritual dimension to education. Christians are rightly suspicious of (and reject) the elitist restrictive policies being implemented in our modern western world, and strongly supported by secular humanists”.

“[Evolutionary biologist] Jerry Coyne … has even recently suggested, at a meeting in Scotland, that it should be illegal for parents to teach creation to children in the home—with applause from the largely atheist audience”.

Full Article by Andrew Sibley Here