Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

Is this not enough?

Horatius Bonar

We may here take occasion to observe that a fresh view of His Person, especially in its human aspect, seems, from the Gospels, to be the Lord’s way of removing the after fears of His own. We find that the Lord when on earth used to remove fear by revealing Himself. On that memorable night of storm, when wind and waves tossed the vessel, and darkness had spread its thickest veil over moon and stars, Jesus walked on the waters and approached them. The thought that it was “a Spirit” (Matt. xiv. 26), or angelic messenger (it might be some one of the “ ministering spirits “), was no consolation to men who at that hour were ready to perish, and who felt worthy to perish. They saw nothing in an angel’s presence but what might remind them, by contrast, of their own unholiness; and they knew nothing of the depth of an angel’s compassion. But no sooner did Jesus speak, “IT IS I,” than there was a calm in their souls, such as the after-calm on the surface of the lake was but an emblem of: “It is I!” I am here! was all He said. But they knew His heart as well as hand. They knew His love to them, unworthy as they were. They knew His sinner-love – His love to men. And why should we not have this same remedy for our anxieties? The living Jesus – Jesus full of human sympathies and divine glories!