Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

“Learn of me”(Matthew 11:29)

The Lord Jesus, having all things delivered unto Him of His Father, lovingly invites poor, labouring, weary, and burdened sinners to Him, and promises them rest and repose. The very thing we want, Jesus has; and what Jesus has that suits us, He wishes to bestow upon us. Therefore He calls us to Him, and bids us ask of Him. A sinner may have anything from Jesus that suits his case, if he is prepared to receive it as a gift from free and sovereign grace. “If we ask anything according to his will he heareth us,” and “this is his will, even our sanctification.” Jesus desires our happiness, but only through the means of our holiness. On this His heart is set. To effect this all His dealings are directed. To this end the whole of His word points. If we come for rest, He says, “Take my yoke and learn of me. Be my servant, my imitator. Make me your lesson.” Beloved, we must learn of Jesus, if we would walk peaceably with God – if we would pass safely through the world – if we would fearlessly meet death. Be this, then, our daily lesson, and let us, day by day, hear Jesus say to us, “learn of me.”

A Lesson for the Day
By the late James Smith

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