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Most Britons Support Teaching of Christianity in School, Poll Says

Almost two-thirds of adults questioned by Oxford University in a survey said they support the teaching of Christianity in schools, and two-fifths said teaching about the faith needs more attention in religious education lessons.

Oxford University asked 1,800 people whether they want the majority religion taught in schools, and the outcome shows that the majority, 64 percent, supports teaching Christianity to pupils to help them understand English history.

The survey was part of Oxford’s department of education’s new project which seeks to support teachers in the presentation of Britain’s principal religion in religious education lessons.

While 43 percent of those surveyed said more attention should be given to teaching about Christianity in religious lessons, 37 percent said many religious education teachers do not know enough about Christianity to be able to teach it effectively.

Asked which topics of Christianity should children be taught about, 58 percent said history of Christianity, 56 percent said knowledge about major festivals such as Easter and Christmas, and 51 percent said the Christian way of telling right from wrong.

What’s more, over a third, 38 percent, said the Bible should be taught in school, and 30 percent said pupils should be taught the Lord’s Prayer.

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