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Reply from the Mayor of London

E-Mail Reply to Christian Watch Chairman – Gay Marriage Article
(Original E-mail)

Dear Mr Crowter,

Many thanks for your comments following the publication of the Mayor’s article on gay marriage in The Evening Standard and The Independent. The Mayor is concerned that some opponents of gay marriage may have given the misleading impression that he was advocating the imposition of gay marriage on religious institutions. He was not and has said publicly that he never would do such a thing. In the article he clearly makes the case for marriage as a state institution, and does not argue for any diktat to religious institutions.

The Mayor believes that the joy of living in a free society is that we are all free to offer our own opinions, you, him, anyone. His views on gay marriage are just that, his views. He recognises not everyone will agree with them. He also recognises this is for some people a very difficult issue.
But he believes it must be right that in a free society the approach of the state is one of equality, otherwise we undermine the very foundations of that free society. That means treating everyone in the same way, whether you share those views or not.

The Mayor thinks that it would be wholly wrong to impose gay marriage on any religious institution. He is clear that if anyone attempted to do so he would strongly oppose such a move. He was merely advocating the fact that in so far as marriage is a legal and secular recognition, by the state, of a union between two people, then that institution should be open to all.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely,

Abel Budd
Public Liaison Unit