Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

‘Son, go work today in my vineyard’Matthew 21:28

Some are God’s sons only by creation; the Jews were so by national adoption; believers are so by regeneration: they are born of God, and adopted by God. Our God never intended that His children should be idle. He says to every child, ‘Son, go work’. This is the command of a Father: it contains affection; it flows from authority. We are to work for His glory, for the good of others, and to lay up for ourselves treasure in heaven. Working for God is creditable, profitable, and pleasant. Our work is in His vineyard; the church finds work for all. Some are employed to plant, some to weed, some to water, and some to watch. The command is ‘work today’. The present is the period: today, while you have light, strength, and opportunity. Remember, it is but a day, a short period at longest, but it often proves to be but a short day. Are you standing all the day idle? Go into the vineyard. Are you discouraged? Imitate her who did what she could. Look to the Lord; He will give ability, and opportunity; and crown with success.

O give me, Lord, an upright heart,
Well nurtured with a godly fear,
Which from Thy precepts will not start,
When clouds and threatening storms appear,
But onward press with even pace,
Refreshed and fortified by grace.

Taken from: “Daily Remembrancer”
By Pastor James Smith