Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

The ‘Julia Gillard Sharia email’

For some time now, a spurious email has been circulating among Christians. The substance of the matter is: that various outspoken speeches against Sharia Law, and those who would introduce it into Australia, have been attributed to Julia Gillard the Australian Prime Minister.

She is alleged to have said; that if those who have immigrated into Australia, are not content to conform to the culture and language of their adopted country – then they should leave, and return to whence they came. The overall content of this compendium of quotes; is inaccurate and wrongly attributed.

However, inaccurate or not, this should be a subject to give us in this land, cause for concern.

Great Britain, is a nation founded upon the blood of the Christian martyrs; such as Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer, Tyndale and a whole cloud of those, ‘valiant for truth upon the earth’.

It is to this small Island, uniquely blessed by God, to whom the Australians, Americans and many more, owe by the grace of that same God; their Christian ethos and culture.

This sceptred Isle, this oh so favoured land, is now under attack by the heathen, rallying under the banner of the crescent moon and the scimitar. But, it always the decay in the spiritual condition of the Church, which first weakens our foundations, and occasions the cracks in our defences, against all our spiritual enemies.

Michael Hobbis
National Coordinator