To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.



(by Mr. Ian Henderson – Vice-Chairman)

Holywell – on the North Wales coast – was the venue on Friday, 5th October, 2012 for the Annual Meeting of Christian Watch – an organisation set up to uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our National Constitution is established.

In the presence of a well-attended gathering of God’s people, the Vice-Chairman of Christian Watch, Mr. Ian Henderson (in the absence of Mr. David Crowter, the National Chairman – due to illness) outlined the reason for the existence of Christian Watch – pointing out that there was a desperate need in our day to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. As a nation, he said, we are in a most wicked state, with men ruling over us – from all political parties – who are godless and have no love for the Word of God. The Word of God states in 1 Samuel 2 verse 30 – ‘for them that honour Me, I will honour’ and the Lord has greatly blessed Christian Watch since its formation as it endeavours to honour God in all its doings. …..

Mr. Michael Hobbis – National Co-ordinator of Christian Watch – reported on the current Campaign entitled “Who is on the Lord’s side?” – based on the story of Moses in the Old Testament. “Who is on the Lord’s side” is a ‘call to arms’ – a return to the old paths. So many churches had drifted away from the truths of the Bible, Christian Watch was seeking to encourage individual Christians to take a stand in their own areas (see Nehemiah 2 verse 17) and Local Contact Groups were being established to be active in their own localities. As National Co-ordinator, he was available to help wherever necessary.

Rev. John Thackway (Minister of Holywell Evangelical Church and a Christian Watch member) preached the message, based on Genesis chapter 11 verses 1-9 and entitled “The Tower of Babel – A Picture of Today”. Rev. Thackway outlined how the Lord came down and dealt with the people in the Bible passage who had resolved to build a tower up to Heaven by confounding their language (Babel means confusion) and how the whole Bible scene was a picture of today – anti-God and anti-Biblical in our national life. He directed us to Psalm 2 verse 3 where there was no restraint and a desire to rid themselves of their heritage but verse 4 gave the victory – “the Lord shall have them in derision”.

Four main points were outlined:-

• Left to ourselves a nation (or a church) will only decline. Divine restraint is needed because of sin.
• What sin is – God says one thing, but man says the opposite. Man builds a tower to avoid doing the will of God. Sin is deceitful and unpleasant.
• Sinful man protects his position (Genesis chapter 11 verses 3-4). On three occasions it was ‘let us’ – ‘let us’ – ‘let us’. Iniquity today is no longer the aberration of the individual but the deliberate lawlessness in society that has progressed.
• The Lord thoroughly frustrates (verse 5) – He confounded their plans and confused them. God resists the proud.

In conclusion, Rev. Thackway stated that God’s people today must be zealous for Christian values; speaking the truth in love and speaking against those who are intent on destroying our heritage; and be faithful in fellowship. He compared verse 4 with John chapter 3 verse 30 and verse 5 with Isaiah chapter 66 verse 2, appealing to all present to obey the command in 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 10 and be likeminded in Christian conversation.

The meeting closed with a powerful rendition of Isaac Watts’ great hymn:-

‘O God, our Help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come’.

If anyone is interested in joining Christian Watch and helping to form Local Contact Groups, please contact Christian Watch, P.O. Box 2113, Nuneaton CV11 6ZY or email:

A DVD of the complete meeting (£5 including P&P) or a CD/cassette (main address only – £2.50) are available from Christian Watch.



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Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham