To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.


On the 11th of May our witness on stand S92 at the Sandown Christian Resources Exhibition was brought to a close, It began on the 8th of May and the campaign ‘Who is on the Lord’s side’ had plenty of exposure, along with our support for the Keep Marriage Special campaign. Many visitors were confused when we asked them to sign the KMS petition, as they had previously signed the much more well known petition C4M – Coalition for marriage. It may help some of our members with our response at the exhibition to their confusion, and answer those who state that one petition is enough.

We explained that while we are pleased to see folk of all religious persuasions, and none, coming out against same sex marriage; nevertheless the KMS petition is to be presented to the government as one based upon Holy Scripture. It was explained that however the world and the men of this world are by nature often revolted by perverse acts: e.g Paedophilia, Tranvestism etc. so that even their own iniquity is found hateful. The Christian stands upon the Holy Oracles of God in their hatred of all sin which is offensive and at enmity against God; and not merely upon the fashionable whims and caprice of men. After all, it was not so long ago when unmarried men and women living together was a matter of shame. Now this ‘living in sin’, seems to be quite acceptable to the majority in society. Just as sodomites living in homosexual ‘civil’ partnerships is winked at by many who are against same sex marriage and signed the C4M petition.

The Keep Marriage Special Campaign provides a petition with Scripture and the fear of God as its solid foundation in its opposition to such things, and may be signed by all who love the Lord and His Word, and wish to say so to Her Majesty’s government. Some may quibble about the involvement of bishop Nazir Ali: but would to God all reformed ministers and members would take such an unashamed stand as his.

Some remarked on how much improved the Sandown display was to the recent stand at Exeter, and photographs of the stand may be seen soon on the new Christian Watch website, which is now very close to going live.

As to other contacts made it was thrilling to meet with those who were overjoyed to see our call to the old paths theme in the display. One man was among many who said that his depression at the New Evangelicalism, seen everwhere at the exhibition, had been lifted when he found one of our invitation cards on another stand, and came straight to us and later attended our meeting at Ewell. From my own part two ex- Gurkas who were both shining in their love and joy in Christ their Saviour refreshed my soul with their simple love and faithfulness. They were rejoicing in their new birth into the Kingdom of Christ and promptly became members of Christian Watch. Altogether we signed up 56 new members during the exhibition, which to put it in perspective; is almost an increase of 10% on the current membership. Praise the Lord for such tokens of encouragement in these days of apathy and decline of true religion.

Moreover, visitors were not only restricted to the locality of the exhibition but one enthusiastic lady was French and many came from the the Noth, the Midlands, and the South West.

On Friday evening we held a public meeting at Bourne Hall Ewell; where Peter Radcliff Editor of the English Church Newspaper, spoke to us on Jeremiah 6:16; bringing out of it that even in our suffering we are to glorify God in our walk in the old paths, he also referred to the New Evangelicalism which was gaining so much ground among the churches. Not a large number of people attended the meeting; but of those who did, some expressed a concern to begin a contact group in the Kingston/Ewell area. This concern will be met God willing very soon. It seems that once men and women really do see the importance of standing out for their Redeemer in these troubled times then they become stirred in their spirit.

All in all, those members who manned the stand on various days and even those who attended were much encouraged and felt it thoroughly worthwhile. It is however not inexpensive to mount such a witness and being a relatively small number in membership it would greatly help if those who are blessed with this world’s goods, might contribute with a donation to the overall expenses of the exhibition and also the ongoing campaign ‘Who is on the Lord’s side’.

Those who are not able to help financially may consider the encouraging words of Cyrus included by the Holy Ghost in His Scripture of truth in
2 Chronicles 36: 23: ” Who is there among you of all his people? The Lord his God be with him, and let him go up.” For now that the work of
exhibiting is over, then old and new members need contacting to coordinate them together to form new contact groups nationwide; and to
this end I will be finalising the work in Devon and Cornwall very soon and moving northwards.

May I appeal to all to contact me to assist where possible in this work for Jesus Christ our Lord. For we know not our time and how long may be left to us at such a time as this. My own constant prayer is: Lord spare me, that I recover strength; before I go hence and am no more. But all work such as this needs many helpers.

Michael Hobbis
National Coordinator
Mob: 07702 431584


But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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