To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.

Faith and Repentance

1. Let us ask the important question,
(Brethren, be not too secure),
What it is to be a Christian,
How we may our hearts assure.
Vain is all our best devotion,
If on false foundations built;
True religion’s more than notion;
Something must be known and felt.


2. ’Tis to trust our Well-belovèd
In his blood has washed us clean;
’Tis to hope our guilt’s removèd,
Though we feel it rise within;
To believe that all is finished,
Though so much remains to endure;
Find the dangers undiminished,
Yet to hold deliverance sure.


3. ’Tis to credit contradictions;
Talk with him one never sees;
Cry and groan beneath afflictions,
Yet to dread the thoughts of ease.
’Tis to feel the fight against us,
Yet the victory hope to gain;
To believe that Christ has cleansed us,
Though the leprosy remain.


4. ’Tis to hear the Holy Spirit
Prompting us to secret prayer;
To rejoice in Jesus’ merit,
Yet continual sorrow bear;
To receive a full remission
Of our sins for evermore,
Yet to sigh with sore contrition,
Begging mercy every hour.


5. To be steadfast in believing,
Yet to tremble, fear and quake;
Every moment be receiving
Strength, and yet be always weak;
To be fighting, fleeing, turning;
Ever sinking, yet to swim;
To converse with Jesus, mourning
For ourselves or else for him.




But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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