To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.


“Mighty to save.”

1 Mighty to save is Christ the Lamb;
Let all the saints adore his name,
And make his goodness known;
With one accord proclaim abroad,
The wonders of their Saviour, God,
Whose blood did once atone.


2 Mighty to save! nor all sin’s power
Can hold the sinner in that hour
When Jesus calls him home;
Nor Moses, with his iron rod,
Can keep the trembling soul from God,
When the set time is come.


3 [Mighty to save! he saves from hell;
A mighty Saviour suits me well;
A helpless wretch am I;
With sin oppressed, by law condemned,
With neither feet nor legs to stand,
Nor wings from wrath to fly.]


4 [Mighty to save! he saves from death;
O may I, with my latest breath,
His mighty power proclaim.
Ye sinners lost, and wretched too,
He came to save such worms as you,
And mighty is his name.]


5 [Mighty to save! let Zion sing
The honours of her God and King,
Whose love no change can know.
With cheerful hearts, and cheerful voice,
We’ll in the mighty God rejoice,
And sing his praise below.]


6 And when the icy hand of death
Shall steal away our mortal breath,
Our joy shall still increase;
Yes, with a loud immortal tongue,
We’ll sing, and Christ shall be our song,
In realms of endless peace.


W. Gadsby

“Christ’s Resurrection”

1 Christians, dismiss your fear;
Let hope and joy succeed;
The great good news with gladness hear,
The Lord is risen indeed.


2 The shades of death withdrawn,
His eyes their beams display;
So wakes the sun, when rosy dawn
Unbars the gates of day.


3 The promise is fulfilled;
Salvation’s work is done;
Justice with mercy’s reconciled,
And God has raised his Son.


4 He quits the dark abode,
From all corruption free;
The holy, harmless Child of God
Could no corruption see.


5 [Angels, with saints above,
The rising Victor sing;
And all the blissful seats of love
With loud hosannas ring.


6 Ye pilgrims, too, below,
Your hearts and voices raise;
Let every breast with gladness glow,
And every mouth sing praise.]


7 My soul, thy Saviour laud,
Who all thy sorrows bore;
Who died for sin, but lives to God,
And lives to die no more.


8 His death procured thy peace,
His resurrection’s thine;
Believe; receive the full release;
’Tis signed with blood divine.


J. Hart


1. Jesus, Lover of thy nation;
Saviour of thy people free!
Visit us with thy salvation;
Let us, Lord, thy glory see;
O revive us,
That we may rejoice in thee.


2. Let us find thy love surrounding
Us, thy fickle children, here;
And thy mighty grace abounding,
Leading us in holy fear.
Guide us, Jesus;
To our souls be ever near.


3. May we never more forget thee;
(Base ingratitude indeed!)
Keep us with thy arm almighty,
Us in verdant pastures lead.
Be our Guardian,
Till from this vain world we’re freed.


4. Then, O sweetest, lovely Jesus!
When in heaven we see thy face,
Who from all our bondage freed us,
We will give thee all the praise.
All the glory
Shall redound to thy free grace!




But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham