Showing the state of our nation in the light of God’s Holy Word

Last Judgement

1. With great and awful power,
Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
To bid his foes depart,
And take his children home;
How will the wicked quake and fear,
When they before him must appear.


2. He comes, the world to judge,
Nor will he take a bribe;
His wrath none can escape,
But his beloved bride;
Millions will unto mountains call,
To hide them and upon them fall.


3. Poor soul, what is thy hope?
On what dost thou depend?
Art thou a stranger still
To Christ, the sinner’s Friend?
Soon thou must leave thy all below,
And then, O then, what wilt thou do?


4. Christians, lift up your heads;
Say, what has Jesus done?
His matchless grace to you
The Saviour has made known;
Yes, you shall all his glory see,
And from the second death be free.