To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.


We were able to set up the table in a prime position in the main thoroughfare in Commercial Street – the main shopping precinct in Portsmouth.
The fair weather saw multitudes of shoppers converging on the area and we were able to proclaim the Gospel loud and clear, with a megaphone, to the constant stream of people.
The exercise was a far cry from the previous open-air witnessing in Horsham – we were taken aback at how many people were prepared to listen.
Manning the stand was Steve Black, with local preachers Malcolm Hey and Jim Scoales alternating on the preaching.

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of youth with whom we were able to engage with this Saturday. Wonderfully, four Bibles were handed over to different individuals – as well as a number of tracts.

A short video of the open-air preaching in Portsmouth.

It is tragic to grasp the fact that………. so much of British youth are unaware that there exists an alternative viewpoint to the “evolution and billions of years” narrative which they are taught at school. They are quite simply in the dark when it comes to the Biblical account of Creation as a viewpoint with scientific backing. Faith (and critical thinking) have been excised from their thoughts and worldview and the knowledge that their most important and precious possession (their soul) is eternal comes as a huge surprise to them.
That the secular humanists have succeeded in capturing the minds and hearts of the youth was blatantly apparent to us this day. What hope have they when they view their lives as purposeless, random molecules and atoms which coalesced for a time – only to fade into oblivion at the point of death? Purpose in the LORD Jesus Christ was therefore a joy for us to proclaim; hope for forgiveness of sins and new life in the Great Redeemer, the King of Kings!

We spoke with Jolly, an Indian Roman Catholic, who accepted tracts exposing the heresy represented by the Catholic Church. Please pray that he will read them and find true faith in Jesus Christ.
An Arab follower of Islam saw the Arabic writing on the table and, his interest roused, asked for an Arabic Bible.
Tamsin and Lucy are two young teenagers who passed our stand a number of times during the course of the day. Eventually, an opportunity was opened by God’s Providence whereby a Bible was handed to them and a discussion about their souls desperate state followed. The Gospel was proclaimed loud and clear.
We were also approached by a lady who was concerned for her neighbour, who was French, and asked for tracts to place under his door.

Whilst Jim was preaching, a young mother and small child listened with interest. Our spirits lifted when, as he closed, they approached and he prayed with them. The mother confessed that she had backslidden and had prayed that very morning that the LORD would bring someone to her that day.
We solicit your prayers for the youth of Portsmouth – and Britain at large – who have been successfully propagandised by the secular-humanists since the 1960’s. Please pray for the people mentioned above to whom Bibles and tracts were handed.

We noticed the prevalence of Muslims in Portsmouth. We pray that the Gospel will be shared with them. It is clear that unless we do so urgently, we face Islamic Sharia as the controlling force in most major UK cities.
Additionally, please keep us in prayer as we seek to alert church leaders/goers to the apostasy now rampant in the evangelical church in various guises with the next talk in Horsham entitled “Apostasy in the Evangelical Church: Where does the Christian worship?”
In Christ Jesus our LORD,
David Heyes


But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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