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Rights and Righteousness

Some may have noticed that where ‘gay marriage’ has already been made legal e.g. Spain, there has been a great deal of confusion and even chaos in their legal system, as many old acts and statutes passed by their parliament and going back many centuries, stand as an obstacle to ‘gay marriage’,
There are numerous stumbling blocks relating to marriage and rights of inheritance, and referring to ‘one woman and one man’ specified in these Spanish laws which were passed at the time with no such impediment in mind and now these must be removed or amended, since they stand in contradiction to the new wickedness now agreed to by their parliament . Each law altered is a sting to conscience…………….

One cannot but help recall the Scripture “He that breaketh through a hedge a serpent shall bite him”)
Therefore, I believe we should be alarmed when we find today a report tucked away in the pages of the Telegraph p.2 9/1/13to the effect that a bill has been agreed on by English m.p’s proposing that parliament ‘tidy’ up the statute book by removing many statutes and laws going back to 1322.
In all, some 800 are appointed to be removed. They are no longer necessary is the reason given. One wonders why since 1322 (just after the signing of Magna Carta), and after almost 800 years, it is now considered important to repeal these acts and statutes? Do they really do any harm?
It is to be feared that to obviate the difficulties faced by the Spanish parliament, the ground may be being cleared here in the UK. In order to avoid any delay, or obstruction, to the eventual passage of the current wicked proposal, backed personally by the Rt hon. David Cameron, to enshrine into English law – the legalisation of sodomy and the redefinition of marriage by parliament.
Our situation is even more fraught with difficulty, since the reigning monarch, our Queen, is the head of the Church of England, which is established by act of parliament as the official Christian church. The difficulty is that Her Majesty will be required to subscribe to this ungodly act by her signature. Yet her coronation oath requires her to uphold the Protestant faith and the Holy Scriptures as the “Lively Oracles of God”. The removal of these seemingly innocuous acts and statutes may just be the beginning of the clearing out of those laws which have under God protected us from the attempts of unholy men to overturn all true religion.
As believers, we should always recall that while the Scripture tells us to obey those whom God has placed in secular authority over us, never the less we are further instructed to obey God rather than men. Wherever there is a conflict between the two, the Word of God must prevail, whatever wicked laws may be enacted.

Soon (2015) we shall be celebrating the octocentenary of Magna Carta; that great document, which, with the Bill of Rights, has under God given the voice of authority to the people of this realm with their monarch as head, and not to any prelate or parliament. Yet already there have been attempts to dilute and emasculate this irrevocable and unrepealable document, in the minds of the people, by suggesting that because king John later requested the pope to disannul it; ergo it is no longer in force.
Today Parliament by claiming that it can do no wrong has treasonably usurped the authority of the people given by virtue of Magna Carta and supplanted it with their own authority, even elevating themselves over the monarch – only very recently did a sitting M.P. declare in an interview on ‘Radio 4 Today’ that the word of parliament is infallible since it can do no wrong.
Many have forgotten that under this charter the church is declared to be ‘free’, and even the reigning monarch is subject to the constraints of this God given document. How much more is the elected Parliament also subject to it. The effects and principles of Magna Carta have been felt all over the world most especially in the USA. We as a people of this realm should resist any attempt to undermine it.

Just as many are acclaiming the excellencies of Magna Carta; so in a similar patronising way did many celebrate the quatercentenary of the King James Bible and its literary magnificence, while at the same time dismissing its relevance to their lives, and criticising its words in Romans concerning sodomy as outdated.
Be very aware there are those who would bring upon this free and pleasant land blessed by God, a form of beneficent totalitarianism. It is always the bent of governments to abrogate more and more control and thus power to themselves. After all, it makes life so much easier for them. It was a wise man – Christopher Booker – who said: “Evil men do not get up in the morning and say I am going to do evil. They say, I am going to make the world a better place.” As of course did Hitler; Stalin and Pol Pot.
The only political group that seems to advocate small government, exit from a Satanically motivated European Union, the abolishing of the sexualisation of schoolchildren, and the restitution of our abandoned laws and privileges is UKIP, I myself am particularly warmed by their branch of ‘Christian Soldiers’.

Michael Hobbis
National Coordinator Christian Watch


But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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