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The Lord trieth the righteous

1. The Lord the righteous tries;
Yet we’ll adore his name;
He never will their cause despise,
Nor put their hope to shame.


2. He brings them to the test,
And tries them by his law;
Then leads them to the promised rest,
From whence they comfort draw.


3. Then he his face conceals,
And lets them grope within;
And by his Spirit’s power reveals
The dreadful plague of sin.


4. We straightway cry, “Unclean!
A monstrous mass of woe!
What can such hosts of evil mean?
And whither can we go?”


5. “Look here,” the Lord replies;
“Thy beauty’s all in me;
’Tis thine to flee from self, and prize
Salvation full and free.


6. “Whate’er my wisdom does,
Or lets the tempter do,
Thy guilt and ruin to disclose,
One thing I keep in view –


7. “To teach thee how to live
By faith in Jesus’ name;
For guilt and sin to mourn and grieve,
And sing the Lamb once slain.”




But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham