To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.

“Yet I will look again.”

1. See a poor sinner, dearest Lord,
Whose soul, encouraged by thy word,
At mercy’s footstool would remain,
And there would look, and look again.


2. How oft deceived by self and pride,
Has my poor heart been turned aside;
And, Jonah like, has fled from thee,
Till thou hast looked again on me!


3.Ah! bring a wretched wanderer home,
And to thy footstool let me come,
And tell thee all my grief and pain,
And wait and look, and look again.


4. Take courage, then, my trembling soul;
One look from Christ shall make thee whole;
Trust thou in him; ’tis not in vain;
But wait and look, and look again.





But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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