To uphold the Protestant Reformed Faith upon which our
National Constitution was established.

£12 Membership

Membership costs £12.00 per person and renewals occur in January each year. To join simply print and fill out the Membership Application Form and then send it along with your subscription fee to the address stated on the form.

Membership Benefits

As a Christian Watch Member you will receive approximately 6 mailings per year with useful information, encouragement and resources.

The Pastoral material included with our mailings has received a very favourable response from our Members and because of this positive response we felt led by the Lord to include items of a spiritual nature from time to time.

Here is a list of the material which featured in the Mar/Apr 2023 issue to members to give you an idea of the content of a mailing.

Example Mailing

Contents of Mar/Apr 2023 issue Mailing
    • Letter from the Chairman
    • The Goodness of God’s Government
      Peter Murcott
    • The Dangers of the Day we live in
      Gospel Magazine 1878
    • The King’s Thank You
      Letter from King Charles III
    • At the Coronation – let the Lord’s Name prevail
      Rev. Peter Simpson
    • Blessings, Boundaries and the Church
      Reformation Scotland
    • News and Current Affairs
    • Revive us Again
      Rev. Stanley Barnes



But one thing is needful

Luke 10 v 42

Mr Samuel Kingham

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