Report on Annual Public Meeting 2014

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The Annual General Meeting of Christian Watch was held this year on Friday, 3rd October, 2014 at Tamworth Road Baptist Church, Croydon at 7.30 p.m. This was the first time that the meeting had been held in the Croydon area and it was good to share fellowship with both old friends and new and to meet with the Lord’s people who attend the Church week by week.

The meeting opened with prayer and an introduction to Christian Watch by the Vice-Chairman, Ian Henderson, who outlined the reason for the existence of Christian Watch and the need to stand four-square for the truths of the Gospel. With the continuing decline in so many Churches, he emphasised the need to ‘stand in the breach’ and keep faithful to the old-fashioned Gospel message of repentance and salvation.

Outlining some of the major developments in our society today, Mr. Henderson referred to the promotion of same-sex ‘marriage’; the continuing desecration of the Lord’s Day; ecumenism – with all its links with a range of false religions; the growth and general acceptance of gay rights and the depravity that can be witnessed in all our major cities as a result of the Gay Pride parades; the introduction of women clergy and women Bishops and the constant threat to introduce Constitutional changes in our land. But, in spite of all these things, the Christian’s rest and trust is in a Sovereign God – and His Word has not changed one iota. God is still on the throne – and He maintains the same attributes today as He ever has – attributes of holiness, righteousness, justice and sin-hating.

Mr. Henderson informed the meeting of the 10 Commandments Project – a project that aimed to get the 10 Commandments into all the schools in the country. With this in mind, the subject chosen for the Annual General Meeting was ‘Divine Law for Daily Living’ and the guest speaker, the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Barry Shucksmith (Royal Navy (Rtd)), based his comments on Matthew 5 verses 1-20 – part of the Sermon on the Mount – where the first 12 verses outlined those who are blessed – and (verse 11) – blessed even in persecution. Salvation, he said, is entirely dependent on the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Shucksmith emphasised – in a powerful message – the role of the Christian. ‘Ye are the salt of the earth’ – verse 13; ‘ye are the light of the world’ – verse 14; and, as Christians, we are called, in our daily living, to keep the 10 Commandments. The Church has to be separated from the world – characteristics of salt; the believer should be salt and light – let your light so shine before men. The law of God is a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ (Galatians 3 v 24). Quoting from the various Confessions of Faith, he stressed their practicality, their preciousness and their permanence for believer and unbeliever alike.

The Commandments, he said, needed to be accepted personally and promoted generally. The modern British family is today teetering on the brink of extinction and, in the absence of Gospel preaching in so many of our Churches, the project by Christian Watch to try and get the 10 Commandments into the schools, is to be commended and encouraged. The law of the Lord is powerful – pure – and perfect.

The presence of the Lord had been keenly felt as the meeting progressed – and Bookstalls from Christian Watch and George Wise Publications were both on hand for the benefit of those that had gathered – at the close of the meeting.

Ian Henderson.

Buckingham Palace – 12th Feb 2014

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Letter 12th Feb 2014

Buckingham Palace – 12th Feb 2014

Her Majesty the Queen – Feb 2014

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Her Majesty the Queen – Feb 2014

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP – 3rd Feb 2014

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The Rt Hon David Cameron MP – 3rd Feb 2014

CRE Sandown 2014

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A brief report of the CRE Exhibition.
The position we had in 2014 was stand 111 the same as last year. As will be seen in the photographs of this years stand at CRE Sandown, the theme this time was the contrast between the Biblical old paths of truth and righteousness as expressed generally by the ‘Old Evangelicalism’ – and the false paths of the ‘New evangelicalism’ which includes all the fallacies of the ‘Emerging Church‘. See article. The stand was manned by Committee members who included Marcus Brockes, David Lawson and myself.

Two banners were displayed depicting the ‘good way’ and the false way with a signpost between them representative of Jeremiah 6: 16; “stand ye in the ways and see…”.

Initially we were told on arrival by the organisers to remove some of our literature and the two banners, on the grounds that some may have found them offensive. Eventually after agreeing to slight modifications (removing references to ‘Messy Church’- whose organisers were opposite!) we were allowed to continue with our display.

And what a good and blessed four days we had, with many folk saying how encouraged they had been by our stand. Fruitful conversations were had with some who had never considered these things above, particularly the differences between the Received Text underlying the King James Bible and the novel Greek text of the modern versions and the corrupted manuscripts as their sandy foundation. Yes, the whole ‘show’ is very reminiscent of Pilgrim’s Vanity Fair with ‘Christian’ comedians, and pop music style entertainments in ‘worship’ services; yet this is we believe, a proper place in which to show the weak, the wavering and the false, the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our new colour brochure was handed out – approximately 700 copies – with lots of other sound literature.

This is surely a time to cry out against heresies and false brethren in the church and to be ‘valiant for truth in the earth’; whenever and wherever we can without ompromise. Our Lord speaking of the time of His return left us with this awesome question – “Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

There is a falling away from truth today and it is surely not enough to sit down, wring our hands, and see how it will all turn out – as Dr John Owen once remarked in his own day .

Do support us as you are able to financially, as these events do require a considerable outlay, and also try and visit us next year at stand H7 at the NEW venue LONDON INTERNATIONAL EXCEL EXHIBITION details of dates, directions and address to follow on this website in the will of God.

Michael Hobbis

Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School

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Christian education is under attack in America as never before. Yesterday on this website, we highlighted the plight of the Romeikes, a German Christian family who is seeking asylum in America because the German government forbids their homeschool instruction. The Obama Administration is siding with the German government and its view of homeschooling, and they are seeking to deport this family who wants to educate their children in accord with God’s Word. If the U.S. Attorney General succeeds in denying their asylum, it may have chilling ramifications for religious and educational liberties in the United States.

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Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School

Noted Apologist Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who ‘Undermine the Word of God’

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A noted biblical apologist and expert on creationism is calling out several of his colleagues. An audience of some 300 people at the recent National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville were shocked to learn of the number of evangelical leaders who don’t believe in a literal 6 days of creation narrative.

At the recent NRB convention Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Cincinnati-based Creation Museum, gave a lecture entitled, “The Age of the Earth, Biblical Authority, and the Downfall of the USA.”

During his presentation Ham showed video clips of prominent evangelicals to illustrate how some modern Christian theologians are, what he calls, compromising the Word of God.

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Noted Apologist Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who ‘Undermine the Word of God’

E-mail to the Mayor of London-Boris Johnson

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For the attention of Mr. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Dear Sir,

I am informed that you claim marriage is out of date and that it was a stone-age idea. Such remarks just illustrate how out of date you are.

Marriage was appointed by our creator God for the benefit of all mankind, and if it is re-defined to permit same sex marriage, it will inevitably result in the further decline of our once favoured nation.

The United Kingdom was the most prosperous nation in the world when it maintained the standards and principles given by God in the Bible for the benefit of nations. This was substantiated by some of our past God fearing rulers, including the late Oliver Cromwell and Sir Winston Churchill. We depart from the laws of God at our peril. It is important for us each to remember that we shall have to give an account to that same God in the day of judgment – which is before us all – for the way in which we have discharged the responsibilities He has placed upon us. Please carefully and prayerfully consider the foregoing.

D. Crowter
Christian Watch

E-mail to the Mayor of London-Boris Johnson

Pastor and 19 Churchgoers Gunned Down in Nigeria Attack

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Nigerian churches were targeted again this week after gunmen in central Nigeria killed 19 people, including a pastor, during a church service.
The latest shooting in the African country occurred on Monday night, although it was unclear just how many in total were wounded at Deeper Life Bible Church, also known as Deeper Christian Life Ministry, in the town of Otite in Kogi state, which is about 155 miles from the Nigerian capital of Abuja.